Not a vegan-but seriously working on it.

I hope that I can find some answers here that I need to assist with my efforts of becoming vegan. The reason that I am researching vegetarian-ism is because I want to be healthy. I do believe that vegans are much healthier then meat eaters. I do not condone or hate people who believe in a meat eating lifestyle. I am an animal lover and I am sure my beliefs are different then mostly everyone here… I am looking towards this lifestyle so that I can become all that I can be and feel good.

Wow…never mind! After logging in and skimming thru posts here, I realize I am at the wrong site! My beliefs are so different and although I planned on keeping them to myself, there is so much hatred I see here towards anyone who isn’t strict. Then the flamers who want to prove everyone else is not what they claim…Nah-don’t need that much stress especially when I am stressed from trying to change a lifestyle I have only known.