Hello! I'm new!

Hi, my name is Saianna, you can call me Sai, because I know it’s a confusing name… But anywhoosle, to the point of this! I just so happen to be starting up a vegan lifestyle, rather shortly, and I thought I should do some studying first. Boy! Was I right! I never knew how many hidden animal products were in the food I eat. And once I became aware, I became disturbeded, further strengthening my ambition to go vegan. I stumbled upon this lovely website and looked around a little bit, and decided I liked it here and wanted to join, so here I am. Please forgive me for being a little… Uninformed, I’m still learning. :blush:
I planned on going vegetarian, at first, but that would include all the gelatin and rennet and blahblahblah that I learned about in my research, so that was a no no. I won’t lie, I’m not mainly doing this for animal rights, though I am a huge supporter of that. I need to be healthier, and right now my lifestyle is rather unhealthy. Sure I exercise, and sure I eat my veggies, but I also eat fast food. I always seem to feel ill afterwards, sluggish. My body seems to be regecting how I’ve been treating it. I’m always sick… So it’s time to kick it into gear, get healthy, lose some weight and stop eat all those… Blech! Hidden animal ingredients!
Hehehe… Anyway, I don’t want to post some big long thing about myself and my lifes story or anything, so I’ll end here. :wink:

On a side note, I hope to make some vegan friends for support and to help answer my questions… as I’ve said, I’m very new to this, but still researching.


here is your vegan homework for the coming week.

watch as many undercover videos (eg on Youtube) from animal abuse, until you are shaking from sadness and horror and your selfish desire about having a healthy body is washed away. If you are not shaking, you failed, spectacular, and are advised to visit a Wellness website.

If you say you are only in it for health reasons i wouldn’t commend like this, but your remark that you are a “huge supporter of Animal rights” although your choiche of being vegan is for health reasons is just too patronizing and too fake to let it pass.

ANYONE who saw a video of these animals treated barbaric and cruel and blabbers about “i go vegan for health”…buh.
You should be outraged, sad, shocked how we treat animals in our society, not drivle about your health.

when having the choiche between eating shit and eating a juicy steak, what would your choiche be ?