Hello, I am snog

Glad to have found this forum.

I have been vegetarian for nearly 36 years. I have also flirted with being vegan off and on many times throughout those years.

I have become primarily vegan recently. Of course, the ethical reasons for doing so are uppermost. But for more selfish reasons, I feel that a vegan diet is best. To wit: cancer. 2 of my siblings have battled this dread disease. My brother is in remission from hodgkins lymphoma. My sister, alas, is quite ill with terminal metastatic breast cancer. Both my parents, ages 79 and 84, have never had it. I just read ’ an idiots guide to vegan living’, and was relieved to read that a vegan diet can help prevent cancer. As well, one Dr Oz recommends eating 5 foods, 4 of which I now eat a lot of, which helps prevent vacular growth to feed tumors. These are tomatoes, especially cooked, bok choy, strawberries, artichokes. The 5 th is fish, but I believe vegans can use flaxseed and walnuts instead. Anyway, a half cup of each 3 times a week should suffice. I eat more than that, especially tomatoes and their products.

For many years, I have eaten at least 9-10 servings daily of fruit and veg. Lots of whole grains and legumes.

Hello snog!

Welcome to the vegan forum… Hope you’ll enjoy reading the posts… We’ll be eager to read some posts from you too…

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Thankyou! I am sure I will find this forum most informative. Look forward to more interraction…

You are very much welcome snog! Do you have some vegan recipes? I love trying recipes from different places.

Check out the tempeh pate in the appetizers column. It is really great!

I would surely try that… I love mushrooms esp. on pastas… Thanks snog :wink: