Hello fellow vegans

Just wanted to shortly introduce myself.

Been vegan off and on for 5 years… Made the switch for good about a year ago. I’m here because it’s been a lonely struggle and wouldn’t mind more voices and characters who are on the same side of the fence regarding food matters.

I’m not a very good cook, been really trying to focus on honing my whole foods skills… because I feel it is the way to go… Long run, I’d like to grow my own food. Maybe even transition into a farm op. That’s a ways down the road. For now I’m stuck in the food service industry… Sort of trying to wind up washing loads of both good and bad foods down the drain… all the waste products involved. Eats away at me.

I look forward to future discussions on this site. The discourse forums like this one are the prime means for net based conference.

Look for my other topic. “What I ate today” Will hopefully be a good place to kick food ideas around.