Hello everyone

Just found this forum, looked good so thought I would join.
I live in Yorkshire UK . I was veggie for 18years and been vegan for almost a year now and love it. I’m very lucky with regards to being vegan as I have loads and loads of vegan friends and living where I live is very vegan friendly for both eating out and shopping for food to take home.
Hello everybody. :smiley:

Aaaargh! A Yorkie! :violent1:

Just kidding :smiley: Welcolme!

I had no idea Yorkshire was vegan-friendly :astonished: I lived on the OTHER side of the Humber Bridge for a few years: most people there still live off offal, potatoes/bread and the occasional fish or cream cake :laughing: Deep fried in lard where possible :wink:

Mind you, Sheffield’s got an ace cafe - the Blue Moon Cafe - which sells some fantastic vegan chocolate cake if you’re ever round there :smiley: I hope it hasn’t been flooded or washed away… :cry:

Hi Go_Vegan, you messaged me on another site sometime last year, i think because you were getting together some sort of group for vegans and veggies in Leeds, but i only got back into that site today. Wondered if you managed to get anything going?

i tracked you down here through the wonder of google search.

Hi go_vegan
Welcome to Vegan talk forums! :slight_smile: