hello everyone :)

I have been a vegan four years now and just found this sight tonight because my husband asked me why i couldn eat monoglycerides so i googled it to show him and this came up… anyways i became a vegan bc a good friend of my was one, i say was bc he is eating eat again but thats his choice. i never try to push it on anyone or talk about it unless i am somewhere and people see that im not eating.
i remeber t this day last thing i ate…clam pie he was sitting ext to me and i just realized i cant eat like this anymore the next morning i watched meet your meat and that was it i became vegan. i am so happy i made this choise. i had a lot of anxiety but that is gone now, my skin is clear i feel great i wish more people would do it for those reasons atlest.
having a husband that eats meet is not always easy… i cook for him which at first was not easy but now i deal with it much better. i dnt kiss him til he brushes his teath which drives him crazy bt i tell him i can hear the cows moos in his mouth. thank god he loves me.
i live in american in the south for the next year my husband is in the army. there is one “health food store” with in 50 miles and it has about 30 began things in… no tofu cheese :frowning: the owner told me im in the wrong place to be a vegan.
i love to cook and coming up with new food for myself is so fun i will be putting a few recipes up.

i would love to make some vegan friends so send me a message :slight_smile: