Hello everybody!

Hi I just signed up yesterday after discovering this awesome vegan forum! I hope to learn alot and contribute what i can. I’ve been a vegan for about 3 years, and a vegetarian for 3 years before making the switch to vegan, discovered it in 2004.

I was a little hyper yesterday with some of my posting lol i was getting carried away but I have calmed down.

I was getting feisty with a couple trolls on the site as well, it seems this site is vulnerable to anti-vegetarians who feel a need to come here and agrue lmao, when i encounter trolls on any forum i always feel a need to attack the trolls and defend the community, i hope i wasn’t out of line. (The trolls were AndyD and Sewn)

I just found out about the friends and foes list woot! Blocking these 2 dicks asap. Honestly i don’t get some people, like why would you come to a vegan forum to protest your anti-vegetarian views unless you’re trying to upset people, why not go to a carnivores or omnivores forum where people share your beliefs?