Hello at Leningrad Oblast!

Hello all here, I see place for those who are new so think “what hell! I shall make hello.”

My name is Beliov Bivizyom, I am living with my brother Artyom in country of Leningrad Oblast in Russia, very nice and seclude mostly except when going to towns for supplies and occasional have trip to Leningrad (now they call “St-Petersburg”) for big city things. I think I can help and maybe have help sometimes on issue of being vegan and ethical and also for being nice at the environment because these are things that are more important than just you or me or one other person I think. So I think I use time that is spare and ready to read on forums and hopeful that all can go well!

Also very good thanks on forum idea, is very good idea for people like me and you because is good for our needs, so very excellent thanks for all this too.

And sorry if english language is not so excellent, so many language and so little time! Some of time I just start writing and not think about things like that, some of time I am in the zone as they say.