Hello, and Request for [Goodies] Recommendation

Hello, all! I’m an animal-rights advocate in Mesquite Texas USA (a rodeo town, where we “bleeding hearts” are regarded as oddities, if not actual freaks)
I’m not a vegan [yet], but a friend of mine recently saved my figurative posterior by helping me with a project.
I’d like to send her a thank-you treat, but she’s a vegan, and I don’t know what would be good. My thoughts turn to chocolate, but my research indicates that vegan chocolate can tend to be grainy.
Recommendations, anyone?
Thank you!

Hi Kittycat713, most dark chocolate is vegan. You can just check the ingredients if there are no animal ingredients it is vegan. Just keep in mind that honey is an animal ingredient.

Send Tony’s Chocolate. The “dark chocolate pecan” flavor is not only plant-based (i.e. no animal products), it is vegan (I e. Not harvested with slavery, child labor, etc.). Most chocolate is harvested with some form of emiseration which is unethical and therefore not vegan (or, y’know, vegan, or sustainable, or sensible).