Hello Again, Everyone!

Hello to all. I just wanted to let you all know I did not forget about this place. I have been a bit busy lately, but I am definitely going to start posting more. How have all of you been? Do any of you have anything new to share? It certainly has been a while.

Hi Lunarflowermaiden! Nice to hear from you again :slight_smile: It’s been quiet here - I was wondering if someone had got offended or something… :unamused:

I haven’t got much to share :frowning: I was going to do loads of fun stuff this summer, but the surrounding area has looked like this recently:

Now that it’s nice and sunny, work are jerking me about. So I’m going to be short of cash for a couple of months :cry: And I’m stuck at home tidying up :imp:

On the bright side, I get to concentrate on training, so I look hot for next summer :bootyshake: and I can get to the baker before they shut :smiley:

How about you? What have you been up to?

It is nice to talk to you again, BigBecka :slight_smile:. Oh, my, that does not look like good traveling weather at all! Around here, the weather has been very rainy, but not nearly that bad. My summer has not been too exciting at all, unfortunately. Stress, due to a lot of family problems, has been keeping me from enjoying it the way I should be. I haven’t even gone swimming yet this summer! I am sure next summer will be much better for us both :smiley:.

I am sorry to hear things haven’t been going well :frowning: And I hope it all sorts itself out… Yes, I think next year will be much better :slight_smile: Any plans?

Oooh, swimming sounds good - I normally go down to the beach this time of year. I’m gonna make it my mission next weekend :smiley:

What kind of beach? (sea, lake or river?)

Hehehe - the lakes round here aren’t really big enough for beaches! I love going to the sea: I usually stay in Newquay and go to Fistral beach - you can see it here fistralsurfcam.com/ Newquay has pretty good nightlife too :smiley: The best beaches to visit are further down the coast: they’re a bit quieter, and you can buy a cheaper cup of coffee :wink:

Don’t go to the east coast to swim :laughing:

I have always wondered, how do you cope in a land-locked country? :astonished: This worries me: I am thinking of moving elsewhere in Europe, but it might send me a bit crazy… :unamused: