Health officials warn of vegan dangers for kids

I’ve recently heard that in Switzerland “Health officials warn of vegan dangers for kids” and farst I thought that again it this is some kind of bulshit… But then I started to remember some Vegans, I’m speaking of those “Esotheric” vegans who don’t respect science, they often light-mindedly ignore the need to supliment their food with B12 and it cause them, their children and us as a cause a big damage. So please vegans eat your supliment of B12 and verify once per year B12 levels in your blood.

Sounds like the same old meat industry propaganda.
At an ag school where I used to work, their nutrition texts still claim that meat is the only source of B12, and is a major problem for vegans. This has been debunked over and over for several generations.

Like any diet, one must pay attention to what one eats. Strictly speaking, someone who lives on potato chips can be a vegan, and of course they would suffer from multiple deficiencies.
Most vegans I’ve known over the years respect science far more than the average meat-eater, and this is the basis for their veganism.

What do you mean by meat propaganda?
And what source of B12 you’re proposing to use? (As far as I know only supliments can help vegans maintain normal levels of B12)

I don’t know if I’m wrong but I think vegetarians and vegas have more knowledge about what they put on the mouth than the vast majority of omnivore. I’m wondering how much of the omnivores out there know the utility of B12.