Health Benefits of Avocado!!!!!

Avocado fruits are getting very popular anywhere in the world. Throughout the year, you can find avocado in your nearby supermarkets. Avocado is sometimes called “avocado pear” or “alligator pear”, and “Aguacate Palta” in Spanish.

Here are some health benefits of Avocado:
Breast Cancer Protection:>
Avocado, like olive oil, is high in oleic acid, which has been shown to prevent breast cancer in numerous studies.

Eye Health:>
Avocados have more of the carotenoid lutein than any other commonly consumed fruit. Lutein protects against macular degeneration and cataracts, two disabling age-related eye diseases.

Lower Cholesterol:>
Avocados are high in beta-sitosterol, a compound that has been shown to lower cholesterol levels. In one study, 45 volunteers experienced an average drop in cholesterol of 17% after eating avocados for only one week.

Heart Health:>
One cup of avocado has 23% of the recommended daily value of folate. Studies show that people who eat diets rich in folate have a much lower incidence of heart disease than those who don’t. The vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, and glutathione in avocado are also great for your heart.

Vitamin E Powerhouse:>
Avocados are the best fruit source of vitamin E, an essential vitamin that protects against many diseases and helps maintains overall health.

Stroke Prevention:>
The high levels of folate in avocado are also protective against strokes. People who eat diets rich in folate have a much lower risk of stroke than those who don’t.

Better Nutrient Absorption: Research has found that certain nutrients are absorbed better when eaten with avocado. In one study, when participants ate a salad containing avocados, they absorbed five times the amount of carotenoids (a group of nutrients that includes lycopene and beta carotene) than those who didn’t include avocados.

Glutathione Source:>
Avocados are an excellent source of glutathione, an important antioxidant that researchers say is important in preventing aging, cancer, and heart disease.

Prostate Cancer Prevention:>
Avocados have been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer.

Oral Cancer Defense:>
Research has shown that certain compounds in avocados are able to seek out pre-cancerous and cancerous oral cancer cells and destroy them without harming healthy cells.

Its really wonderful, I did eat Avocado only 3 times, its taste is fine to me but I had not known to its benefits. Now I will try to find some good source of it and use it little bit more for better health. For me Avocado is more important due to eye health and vision and also for its capability to reduce cholesterol.

Avocado’s are great! I used to have an avocado tree…it died in a hurricane :crybaby: .

Thank you for your post. Avocados not only have great taste but also have many health benefits. They help your body absorb nutrients more easily from plant foods. According to numerous studies, the combination of soybean oil and avocado extract has positive impacts on the treatment of arthritis related to the bones. Futhermore, If you want to make a simple mask from avocados, follow these steps:
Get a ripe avocado whose seed and skin are removed.
Get it mashed up and pour one spoon of raw honey into it.
Mix them well.
Apple the paste over your skin in about 10-15 minutes.
After that, use warm water to wash your face and pat dry it.
This mask is more suitable for people with dry skin. If you want to cure damaged skin, you can apply the same method, but use oatmeal instead of honey.
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I love avocado! It is so yummy, especially mixed with some veggies. I always thought that it has just some nutritious benefits, but thanks to this thread I know much more! I decided to go further and I searched for some products containing an avocado oil. I came across a vegan brand called Virginic, I bought an eye cream with avocado oil ( … -eye-serum) and I absolutely love it! It really makes my eyes look more relaxed, I no longer have dark circles. The roller, when cooled down, works amazing. Now I definitely can feel the benefits of avocado, even on my skin :wink: