Have you ever been to a slaughter-house?

I have before and after Vegan experiences with slaughter-houses.

I used to own a Courier company, and one of our clients sold food packing supplies.

So, once a week I would visit a slaughterhouse.

Before I was Vegan I can’t say delivering to this place was a pleasant experience. It smelled horrible. The employees would come out of the back room covered with blood and guts to sign my manifest. They would smell so bad that I always let them keep my pen. I didn’t want it back.

Many times they would not hear me ring the bell that they had in their front room, so, in a hurry, I would enter the back room.

Seeing death (human or animal) on TV is a lot different than in real life. I’ve seen documentaries on slaughterhouses and every “Faces Of Death” movie there is, but when you add smell and texture to your experience, it’s much different.

After becoming Vegan (and surprisingly my visits to this slaughterhouse did not persuade me to become one) this place seemed to be diseased. As sanitary as one would hope they would be, animal blood and by-products could be seen everywhere. On the walls, doors, floors, chairs, you name it.

The doorknobs were the most disgusting part. (You don’t even want to know!).



It makes me…sick.

I’m going to try to cheer myself up now…

:bigsmurf: heehee, all better.

But still…

“If slaughterhouses has glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”
-Paul McCartney

I haven’t been to a slaughter house personally, but I’ve been to places where people from villages sell meat without packaging and such…
the smell and texture is pretty similar to what you described…

I clearly remember one chicken that was decapitated and it’s head was stuffed in the place where naturally his ass would be… I don’t know what was the owner thinking? Sex sells? :unamused:

If someone did a similar thing to a human being he would be considered the sickest pervert ever.

:astonished: That’s just wrong! :confused1:

Actually, there’s a restaurant in London… :unamused: the chef is ‘served’ at the end of the evening on a trolley, like a pig (think "The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover " - except I think they let him live :slight_smile: ) I don’t know if they’ve suggested doing that with his head, though… :laughing:

I’ve never been to a slaughter house, but we became vegans when my wife saw chickens in crates being delivered to chinatown restaurants

Hey Lane, I like the blog :smiley:

Thanks for the comments Becka :slight_smile:

No but I wish I could have the opportunity to go with a group of people.


However one may love to devour them…it is always difficult to visit one slaughterhouse.

Yes that is an eerie experience,I hate to do the job as well.

I have also been to a slaughter house…it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I hope never to go there again!

What have you been doing at a slaughter house?

I have seen it several times, so I believe people do it so that the head doesn’t get lost or something. I will take a photo next time I see one.

I’ve been to a slaughter house several times because my cousins’ friend owns 1 and we have to visit him often. During my first visit it was ok cause I just stayed in the office. But the moment I decided to see how the thing was done, I was HORRIFIED I saw how a pig was killed. From then on when we visit there I decided not to go out of the car :frowning: