Happy Valentine Day

Just wish everyone a Happy Valentine Day!
A little late but still :slight_smile:


Happy Valentines Day! I get the best of both worlds. My birthday is a day before Valentines Day, so I get sweets galore this week :smiley:. Have you done anything special for Valentines Day, Andy?

Wow! Happy birthday, lunarflowermaiden! :smiley:

Met my friends. Went to a movie. Managed to be 40 minutes late for a date because of the traffic jam. That’s pretty much it.

How did you spent it?

Thank you :slight_smile:!

I am sorry that you were late for your date :frowning:. Traffic jams are no fun.

I spent mine alone listening to music and making jewelry. Pathetic, I know :unamused:.

Yay, Thanks Andy! Happy [late] Valentine’s too! I got my valentines film to watch tomorrow…

Lunarflowermaiden, the music and jewellry sound very nice and relaxing!