Haiku - the art of japanese poetry

Ok, for those that don’t know what a Haiku (Hi-koo) is here’s a quicky explanation. They are really easy, simple poems moslty inspired by nature. They follow a specific form - the first line has 5 sylables, the second has 7, and the third and final has 5 also. I doesn’t matter about how many words as longas the sylable count is exact.Oh, and there are no rhyming words either. I love hakiu’s, I think they are so sweet and I love writing them. Here’s one about beans.

[color=orange]small orange wonderful
simple ad small, nutritious
beans are fabulous

I hope this inspires more veggie-orientated haikus!

vegans, forum posts!
we need lots more posting.
where the heck are you!

[size=117][color=red]those greedy humans
always wanting more not less
death and destruction

my english is weak,
and I don’t really care
who needs these numbers?

Well i guess that substance over form is important. :wink:

a piece of hard ore
used to lie deep under ground
the sword will kill many

on and on it goes
only to serve the wicked
to serve the unjust

just wanted to say that the form somtimes is important :wink:

a lot of hard work
only to get some freedom
that beautiful spring

a glass of red wine
with my lady half naked
just live this moment

wondering about
the future holds too much grief
needless suffering

the future inside
your mind is very busy
way too much thinking

the future looks bleak
what does it really matter
refusing to think

two bright spots
two yellow eyes shining
in empty darkness

that tipe of poetry makes you think about words in part … and all this becouse in some words we cann not tell completly what we wanted to say … i like to read it … but not to write :smiley: