Green Tea amoung other Anti-Oxidants

I was suprised not to see a recent green tea thread here. Interestingly enough, as popular as green tea has become, justly so, there is even a more potent cancer fighting tea; ‘white tea’ is challenging green tea’s lead. i’ve been drinking green tea for years now. generally, it has releaved my migraines, and settled my stomach. it has also helped concentrate. if you live in the united states, I suggest buying “bromely green tea - decaffinated” it has a very nice frothy taste, and is enhanced with *honey, not sugar.

What is white tea?
I’ve never heard of it.

I am also curious of white tea. Does it provide the same health benefits green tea gives?

Hi thanks for such an interesting share.

I know that white tea has more antioxydants than green tea. I’ll find a link.

There is a different in taste. White tea tends to be more subtle, softer, less grassy than green tea. Also, you should infuse it with cooler water (around 185F), because white tea leaves are more sensitive to heat than green tea leaves and all the great stuff found in it will go awry.

Actually, most homemade iced tea (hot-brewed and fridge teas) did have more antioxidants than most convenience teas. So if you want the very max, make your own.

Green tea have many hidden benefits for human body.
It boost metabolism and control high blood pressure.
Green tea burn fat and reduce overweight.
It also good for shining skin and skin tissues.
Green tea is also minimize tiredness and refresh brain. … -club.html

Green tea is also beneficial for weight loss.

I have some experience about green tea, green tea is also minimize tiredness and refresh brain. green tea have many hidden benefits for human body. Green tea Burn fat and Reduce Overweight…and more…but what is white tea? i have really never heard about “white tea”…

I have also never heard about the white tea, but I have researched from my side and I came to know that white tea is quite similar and more effective than green tea. Just like green tea, it also contains antioxidants which helps to protect the body from damage by free radicals. Its cancer prevention and also helps to lower high blood pressure and maintain a healthy one. In my research, I found that most of people have started having white tea.

As you surely know, green tea is kind of a big deal and its an antioxidant powerhouse which slashes your risk for developing cardiovascular disease and some cancers, and studies show green tea consumption can also rev your metabolism and keep your skin looking awesome…its a good anti oxidant which works well for anti aging…

Green tea is also a great remedy for weight loss. If you add just a spoonfull of honey to it, you’ll get a great drink to have every morning. As for white tea, I’m not that specialized in it, but I was talking with people working at tea plantations, they told me that white tea cannot be consumed as frequent as green tea, as it has some components, which are not that good within larger amounts.