Green Food Drink

I’ve been trying to eat healthier and have found that quick, easy fixes aren’t
always available. Time has been a massive struggle for me and I seem to put my
health last whenever I’m rushing around. The one thing I think which has helped me
the most is having a green food drink on a daily basis. It’s super fast and I don’t
have to have a fridge full of veggies that go bad if I don’t have the time to juice.

I finally found an organic one, which is super important because the chemicals in
the non-organic ones defeat the purpose of trying to be healthier. I love it and
find if I add in a splash of OJ it’s the best. Have you guys used it, if so how do
you like it? I think it would go with
any juice, but have only tried OJ.

Super excited to here what you guys think!

That stuff looks nasty. I wouldn’t even try a drink of it.

Looks can be deceiving.

I looked at something like that once. My friend said, “'I’ll buy lunch if your try it!” I did, and found it do be quite delicious!

I once heard a man in a restaurant boast to the waitress, “I never eat anything green!” He was about 5’10", 350 pounds.

I totally agree with the above comment, green drinks never look to appealing but I am aware of the health benefits so I put looks aside and began searching for a greens powder to add to my smoothies.I absolutely love Ora Organics greens powder! I have been looking for a greens powder to add to my smoothies and the ones that I tried in the past all tasted bitter. I saw Ora Organics on Shark Tank and they said they were vegan friendly products so I gave them a try and I am glad I did!
Drinking the my green smoothies gives me a boost every morning. This powder is simple and easy to use. All organic, love the mix of greens. It mixes well(rather than leaving lumps of powder like others I have tried). I can be sure my kids and I both get the nutrition we need. I chose it because it’s vegan and organic. Ora Organics Greens Powder has become a part of my family’s morning routine! I highly recommend. I got it here:

Kiwi Margarita is a great idea! Also full of vitamins and it levels your metabolism.

Green food does not look good I agree but it is very beneficial to health. Try one with cucumber, basil leaves, lime juice, and green apple. Or try celery juice. I contains Vitamin C and K, helpful for cancer, liver problem and boost cardiovascular health.

i think fruit juices are great, don’t go too adventurous sometimes. i like to stick to my basic fruits, apple, orange juices etc.