Government managed healthcare

Government managed healthcare… how do Canadians survive?

jenisv, dunno we’re close to death according to some;)

plantino… I hear horror stories and then see stats saying most of the time it isn’t bad at all.

Public approval is in the 80’s
European health care in the 90’s

It’s probably a lot like the VA healthcare here… most people get in without a problem… but that 1% that doesn’t seem like much is actually a shitload of people.
If 99% have no problem… works great for democratic support… still really sucks if you’re the 1% that got hosed.
I imagine the capitalist system is plenty full of horror stories too… I’ve heard quite a few.

There is only 60 million of ya’ll

60 million of who?

Or is it 30

Closer to 30 for Canada… California has more people than Canada.


Sure but many european countries are larger and have better health care