Going vegan or not?


I’m new to this forum! I’m 26 and I’ve been a vegetarian since 1995. I like vegetarianism and I’m proud to say I’m a vegetarian. For two years, I’ve been wondering about becoming a vegan. I totally subscribe to the vegan point of view, I do think that eating eggs and diary products are wrong. I tried to become a vegan, but it didn’t work. Indeed, I can’t drink vegan milk or any other animal milk. The only milk that I don’t vomit is cow’s milk. Living without eggs is no problem for me. Nevertheless, even though I mostly eat vegan food, living without any substitute to milk is almost impossible for me. Therefore, I stick to vegetarianism, but I still feel a little bit guilty when I drink cow’s milk. What do you think?

Thanks and see you :smiley:

The likely culprit is carrageenan, which is added to many commercial plant-based milks to make them thicker and “mucus-like” (like cows milk).

You can try finding one without that.

If you still vomit with a pure milk (like 100% soy or almond), and can otherwise eat soy and almond, then the problem may be psychological (some people have gag reflexes and psychosomatic responses to foods for unusual reasons).

However, I have to wonder why you need a “milk” at all. Is there some reason you need to drink a “milk” rather than water or juice, or some other liquid? What is it nearly impossible to live without it? :astonished: (I generally live without it)

Maybe we can help give you suggestions for other beverages, or other breakfast foods (aside from cereal, or whatever demands milk these days).

In either case, you should definitely go vegan :slight_smile:

Try making your own almond milk?

If the problem is carageenan, I just checked the ingredients of rice dream original, and it doesn’t have it.

tastethedream.com/products/p … 67/202.php

I remember drinking the shelf stable rice dream milk ages ago regularly and it was like skim milk to some degree, that’s why I thought it might work, since I remembered it doesn’t have the thickness many other brands do.

Maybe the other rice dream products are acceptable also.

It’s weird to hear of milk being the factor. Cheese I’ve heard of, but never actually milk. The longer you cut something out of your diet, the less you’ll want it. Even if this doesn’t work, try going without it for a few months and see if you adjust.

It took me years to get over cheese, and I still drool when someone brings home a cheese pizza. But eventually I forgot what it tasted like. I’ve noticed that taste buds adjust based on what you regularly eat.

I am going vegan since 3 months.

You should do whatever you’re comfortable with, and realistically able to abide by. Milk is big one, perhaps it’s possible to find ethically sourced milk?

I’d recommend almond milk. The other option is just to quit milk altogether, that’s what I did for a while. You really don’t need it.

Here is some motivation:

I just gave up dairy completely–a month or so ago. It was challenging at first since I did not quite know what to replace it with. Now I rely on peanut butter to get me through when I feel hungry very soon after a meal. Some context: I finished lunch with a big bowl of curd until a month back, and phasing curd out meant I became hungry very soon.
To feel better, I smear a banana with one tsp. of peanut butter, and it has been working so well. Of course, I gotta make sure the PB doesn’t contain honey, too much salt, or saturated fats. In addition, I’ve also taken up Health & Nutrition-related readings. I can’t believe people binge on PB. It’s tasty, sure, but it’s also got a disgusting texture.

See, I would suggest you to do whatever you want. Going vegan is simply a choice of living. If you can continue complete vegan life, eat vegan food that’s good, if not that also fine. It’s completely your choice. You can try almond or cashew milk once. If those do not work then drink what you like. :slight_smile: