GoFundMe page for disturbing animal abuse case

Hello everyone! I’ve visited this site many times before but never signed up until today. I’m hoping you could help me spread the word about a donation page that was just created to help an animal shelter. They are overwhelmed after rescuing over 30 animals from one of the most disturbing animal abuse cases of its kind. I won’t go into details here, but will provide a link for you to click on. It will take you to the donation page. Donate if you can, but please pass it along any way you can. The shelter staff has made significant progress with most of the rescued animals in just one week and they are hoping to start adoptions in the coming weeks. We appreciate any help you can offer and are just trying to get the word out as much as we can. This story made national headlines so some of you might already be familiar with it. All funds donated go directly to the shelter.


Good initiative.

I got donations from 15 people. For the most part it’s just people checking out the page. Over 1,300 views but not a lot of people donating anything. I’m going to shut it down in a week or so. Thanks for letting me post here.