Gluten free Vegan

I am in need of some help. I am a mother of three. I have done my best at converting my children to eat vegan and they do not like much of anything I have made thus far. I have an allergy to gluten on top of it. There is only one health food store in my area, needless to say it’s cash only. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I also need help with gaining about 12lbs within a months time.

I just need some positive support and ideas please. Thank you.

I am also a gluten free vegan. My children have been vegan as well for 5 years (vegetarian before that) though they dont have quite the gluten issues I have. We cook a lot from scratch and use beans, quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, gf tempeh, gf flour (primarliy rice flour), nutritional yeast and nuts to make just about anything. Honestly when I want to make something new I type in gf and vegan and what I want on to a search and modify recipes I find with what we have/what we like. I still do most of my shopping at the local grocery store and farmers markets. Hope this helps!


Yes in a way it does help. Although I still wonder what things are and where to get them. How can I get my kids to eat things I make? Most of what I have cooked they don’t like. Also my kids relatives are fighting me all the way and don’t make it easy. My kids pick up on what they say about this and that. It’s very frustrating.

hi, I’ve been diagnosed coeliac 3 months ago and have been a vegetarian since age 11 …im 43 now. But im finding ive also got intolerances to milk, cheese and eggs…I really don’t know where to start on buying/making vegan food…its so much easier being a veggie!

Oh it doesnt help that ive also now got intoletances to nightshades, quorn and soya! ive never tried tofu …is that like soya?

I understand where youre coming from with your kids not eating your food…my son won’t eat meat because I don’t but won’t eat fruit and veg either so he trys to get away with junk! its scary!! :imp: ive started juicing (jason vale) so at least he has that once a day. :slight_smile:

You could always take whatever recipes your children like and veganize them. Substitute vegan cheeses (many brands in American are now available and some even melt) or pulverize some cashews with a little water for a “cheese sauce.” Use soy, rice, almond, or hemp milk - your choice. Kids will like the vanilla flavored milks on their cereal better than cow milk. Egg alternatives like Ener G or flax seed & water work in baked food recipes, and use tofu for “scrambles” and “eggless sandwiches.” Use the internet a lot to get vegan recipes and be creative. You can always pureed veggies and add to sauces such as spaghetti if your children do not like to eat them. Use rice noodles instead of wheat if you are gluten intolerant. Don’t have processed (unhealthy) food in your house and your kids will eat properly when you cook vegan.

My husband and I have recently become whole food, plant-based eaters and during that found our gluten sensitivity. I’m still making some mistakes with hidden wheat but am doing really well with things I cook. I really recommend the Forks over Knives cookbook. Every recipe has been fantastic flavor so far. There are even some comfort type foods I would think kids would like. I’m trying the mac and cheese tonight. This is not a gluten free book but because it’s based on whole foods (not packages) it’s easy to de-glutify.

For the one with kids that won’t eat fruit… Do they like ice cream?! My kids and I make home made vegan ice cream… In a food processor put in 2 frozen bananas cut up, 1 cup of a frozen fruit of your choice, tsp. vanilla extract, 1/3 c almond milk. If u wish u can add a natural sweetener such as pure maple syrup, agave, or stevia. Process until smooth and thick. So good! Pulse in anything if u wish such as raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, shredded coconut

Gluten is the generic name for certain types of proteins that are found in common cereal grains (such as wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut, triticale, and their derivatives). Because it is found in a lot of foods, grocery shopping can seem very difficult if you need to avoid gluten due to celiac disease or an allergy or intolerance. But rest assured, it’s not impossible to live gluten-free. To help you choose the right foods—and make shopping easier—we’ve created a list of gluten-free Publix brand products. But remember: ingredients can change, so always read package labels carefully.

I am a Vegan from childhood and use veggies a lot. There is always a substitute. Avoiding Gluten will give a long term benefits as well.
try to search out in other areas as well you will find it.