Glass Juicer Bowl

I’d tried a couple of others, but this one works better. Just got 6 tablespoons out of a golf ball sized lime. The average lemon is said to produce 2 tablespoons. I don’t know what kind of juicer they were using to come up with that, but I got 8 tablespoons out of a small lemon (about twice as large as the lime) with this. It takes all the pulp off of the fruit too, so something like a cocktail cone is useful to strain the juice afterwards. It has more flavor if the pulp is left in it though. Of course, the fruit should be cut in half and twisted around the juicer for best results. I think the squeezers require more effort than this, and don’t produce as much juice in my experience. The size of this is also larger than those, up to a grapefruit there.