Gene discovery

Top scientists announce that the human is made of matter. “We have suspected this for some time” says professor Ieuen Radice, “so we know that he is a mechanical being, but now we also know that the human is made of matter shaped into genes.”

“Now, we can say that being human is a genetic condition.” - this significant conclusion was made by the professor, speaking in Lampeter University’s ‘The Signal’. The professor goes on: “Now that we know that we humans have a genetic condition, we hope to develop means of curing it, or changing it for the benefit of all”.

Or for the benifit of some! :imp:

Playing God is what will make us all playing dead sooner or later.

If everyone thought like you - we would have never discovered fire.

You don’t understand. Fire is something essential and necessary to survive. Everyone can see it and feel it. Everyone can start and stop a small fire.

Now genes are different, only a few saw them and can control them.
If they do something wrong no one else can undo it.