Garlic - health benefits

I want to start a series of topcis about fruits and vegetables health benefits:

Garlic is the first, so if you know anything about this misterious vegetable - shoot.

consuming garlic generally has the following physical effects: Garlic lowers blood pressure a little. Garlic lowers LDL Cholesterol a little.
Garlic helps reduce atherosclerotic buildup (plaque) within the arterial system. One recent study shows this effect to be greater in women than men.
Garlic lowers or helps to regulate blood sugar.
Garlic helps to prevent blood clots from forming, thus reducing the possibility of strokes and thromboses (It may not be good for hemophiliacs).
Garlic helps to prevent cancer, especially of the digestive system, prevents certain tumors from growing larger and reduces the size of certain tumors. Garlic helps to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body. Raw Garlic is a potent natural antibiotic and, while far less strong than modern antibiotics, can still kill some strains of bacteria that have become immune or resistant to modern antibiotics. Garlic has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Garlic dramatically reduces yeast infections due to Candida species. Garlic has anti-oxidant properties and is a source of selenium.
Garlic probably has other benefits as well.

Wow Druv, Thank you!
This is a very detailed post about garlic health benefits.

Are all these benefits true for boiled, baked and fried garlic as well?
Or garlic should be eaten only in his raw state to get the benefits?

Thank you.

Garlic is good for your stomach, but bad for your brain.
If you eat garlic often, you can’t have a clear mind.

WarChild, It’s very interesting, but where did you get this info from?

From my personal experience.
When I happen to eat garlic (it doesn’t happen often), I feel like I’m drunk after that.

Me being a non-drinker/non-smoker/non-corpse-eater for ten years, believe me I know what having a clear mind means :slight_smile:

So it’s a conclusion from personal experience?
Am I correct?

Not exactly.
I confirm this by my personal experience.
Yogis were the first ones who classified food in three categories by the effect it has on the mind.

Btw here’s a funny joke:

me: Nowadays I usually avoid eating garlic and I don’t like bright sunlight.
a_guy_who_has_a_fine_sense_of_humour: Hmm, I think you might be mutating into a vampire. It’s so good you live on the other side of the Earth :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing is that I don’t feel the difference between my state of mind when I eat garlic and when I don’t do it.
May be my senses are too obtuse to feel it?

I think there is no scientifically evidence of garlic influencing mind. I think in your case it might be the placebo effect.

I suppose you mean the classical, occidental science.
Do you want to say it knows much about mind? I have to disagree. In capitalist countries medicine is a business, and it’s a very profitable one. Same about the pharmacology. So if you go to a medic and tell him you see green aliens every day on the street, he’ll probably get rid of you by advicing you to buy and eat some pills. I don’t want to say that I would prefer an old witch granny instead of a qualified medic, but the above consideration is the main reason why I don’t go to medics. I don’t remember when I visited a medic last time and I have a good memory. Of course, if I would need an operation, I wouldn’t be able to help myself because I’m not a surgeon, but this is an extreme situation IMHO

Hi all,

Yes, garlic has some great properties , we all know that… If you cant have it raw, try roasting it and and then have it with a bit of salt, ya we can bake or fry it too. If you have this daily , you will get used to the smell or probably like it too. :slight_smile:
Garlic is good for the heart as it keeps the cholestrol levels in check, lowering BP and even maintians sugar balance. All in all a great thing to have with no side effects whatsoever ( except the punngent smell of course !)

There is actually no scientific proof or even dietary for the fact that garlic affects the mind in a negative way. Studies show that the benefits one get from consuming garlic are very positive. Garlic has long been revered as one of the world’s most sought after spices. From early human civilizations garlic is considered to be a staple part of culture and cuisine.

Yay Garlic! I’ve heard that the garlic has to be fresh for the antibiotic effect.

As a herbal treatment garlic is usually used raw or fresh but there are instances wherein garlic is either boiled or heated and turned into a pulp or some sort of mush for it to be used. But most herbalists and even medical experts will agree that the fresher the herb the better, although not all herbs in particular.

Eventhought it doesn’t smell nor taste good, I love eating garlic with cane vinegar and this is my medicine for tonsillitis… :wink:

Garlic has long been touted as a health booster, but it’s never been clear why the herb might be good for you.

Garlic health benefits"
(*remember that it does not treat any disease or illness, but can help prevent)

=>Thins blood
=>Is an anti-oxidant
=>Fights respiratory diseases
=>Inhibits cancer
=>Kills herpes on contact

=>Treats HIV/AIDS infections
=>Strengthens the immune system
=>Lowers blood sugar
=>Lowers cholesterol