Fully natural vegan workout formula's ..

My partner and I have been vegan for over 10 years – Veggie, before that for about 8. We both like to work out, I work out more to keep fit and he likes to weight train…after searching and not finding an effective a natural vegan workout supplement he researched for two years and by extensive trials came up with two workout products – Pre and Post workout mixes.

I’m am a naturally energetic person, but I find that the pre workout gives me more stamina, so towards the end of my workout I’m less flagging that I would, and I’ve also noticed my endurance has increased too. The post workout is great, insofar as I don’t ache as much the following day – if at all. Also, my hair, skin feel better and I’ve noticed my nails are much stronger too…usually they break as quickly as they grow… Along with many other herbs using knowledge from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and herbal practices from the Amazon basin, he uses Cissus which rebuilds and strengthens connective tissues. There are many workout shakes etc. out there, but none quite like Posha products that he’s created. Check the info Facebook page for PoshaGreen or contact me via this thread for more details.