From the diary of an experienced cosmetic surgeon

Many people mistakenly think that plastic surgery is a miracle way to drastically improve their appearance; however, as a cosmetic surgeon I can tell you that even though plastic surgery can create significant enhancements, it can also produce subtle improvements. Nowadays many options of cosmetic surgery for aesthetic or reconstructive purpose are easily accessible to individuals. It is very vital to maintain realistic expectations from the outcome of your surgery. Around the globe, more and more people are getting obsessed with their overall appearance and thus are resorting to cosmetic plastic surgery procedures for a good future.

Teenage girls and women are particularly engrossed with the process of beautifying to improve their body image. Before executing a cosmetic plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, I and my staff ensure that the patient is methodically aware of the procedure. We commence with a detailed consultation that involves a meticulous approach. It is the duty of the surgeon to answer all the client questions patiently and respond as quickly as possible. Once you are sure with the decision of having plastic surgery, carefully select a doctor who is board certified and specializes in cosmetic surgery for at least a decade.

Many surgeons prefer to practice in hospitals to get access to trained medical professionals so that best safety standards can be maintained during surgery. Moreover, hospitals can provide overnight stay if needed to maximize safety. It is best if the potential patient is able to make an informed decision and feel positive about the course of action before proceeding. Current plastic surgery techniques have paved the way for subtle changes that can be personalized to each patient’s exclusive anatomy. A good surgeon always spends good amount of time with a patient during the consultation so that their desires can be understood completely.