Friends and family

Hi guys, i was wondering if any one could give me some advice on what to say to family and friends when they are being difficult about me being vegan. I decided to go vegan three weeks ago purely for my health but now i’m also concerned about the ethical reasons of animal cruelty.

I was getting a lot of insults thrown at me and there was a lot of banter at work. it was getting me down for a bit but now I just laugh it off.

You can respond simply with, “I have my reasons”. Sometimes this will arouse enough interest that your detractors will ask you what your reasons are.

Carry a few handouts listing the four primary reasons for choosing a vegan life style.

Offer them a tidbit like, “Dr. Neal Barnard says that a vegan diet promotes good health”, or “David Pimentel says that the vegan diet does the least damage to the environment”, “I hate to see animals suffer on factory farms”, or “Einstein was a vegetarian”, etc.