Freezing Food

I am a little confused about whether to freeze food or not :frowning:

I have heard that freezing food damages the chemical structure, and frozen food has less nutritional value than fresh.

However, there is an advert on the TV (for a frozen food company) that states that frozen food is healthier, because the nutrition and quality are lost as fresh food is transported.

So which is better? Fresh or frozen? :slight_smile:

I heard that frozen water is healthy. Can’t say anything about food.

At least frozen egg plant (aubergine) don’t taste as well as fresh one. So I think that frozen food have something lost. But it’s the same with each method of preservation, always something is lost.

I’d say just as nutrional value is lost during freezing as it is during cooking.

The “living water” in the plants that we consume are always best fresh.

I think it depends… if you are eating frozen organic vegetables grown on open soil VS fresh food grown in artificial condition during winter times… the frozen food will still be more nutritious.

I strongly agree with you Andy… :smiley: