Foods That Are Easy to Digest

Those thinking that choices are less when it comes to foods easy to digest are simply wrong. The choices are plenty and one can buy according to taste and liking. Also, these foods mentioned below are nutritious and can be an integral part of a healthy diet.

Green Leafy Vegetables
Vegetables, more specifically cooked green leafy vegetables such as cabbages, are easier to digest. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, and unlike high fat foods do not slow down the digestion process. These foods are also an important constituent of weight loss diets. So eating them in the right amount and staying away from junk or fast food can go a long way in reducing those extra pounds.

Doctor often recommend to include more rice in the diet for better digestion. The contents of rice often help to stimulate the digestion process.

One of reasons behind the ever increasing popularity of this fruit, is that it promotes healthy digestion. Studies show that certain enzymes in bananas play a crucial role to accelerate the digestion process. Banana is often given to babies and children with upset stomach as it is beneficial for the digestive system.

Plain Crackers
This is another foodstuff that is considered easy for digestion. Plain crackers also have a pleasing taste and hence people do not think twice to have it in their diet

Gelatin is not only good for digestion, but can also soothen the digestive tract. People with intestinal issues are often asked to incorporate gelatin in their diet.

It is observed that the body takes less time to digest toasts than fresh bread. So having toast for breakfast, instead of fresh bread is definitely a better option. Read more on easily digestible food.

Meal Size

One of the points to note is that that frequency of meals is also an important factor, that can contribute to easy digestion. Many people commit the mistake of having two large meals in a day. This, in turn causes excessive food consumption and triggers digestion problems such as bloating and nausea. In order to keep digestive issues at bay, an easy solution is to have 5 - 6 small sized meals throughout the day.

On the whole, avoid foods that impair digestion. Instead, go for foods that speed up digestion. Healthy foods easy to digest are something that one can always prefer to improve digestion.

I think fruits and vegetables are the best foods to eat, they are also contain lot of vitamins and nutrients. you provide the nice foods to eat.

Yes markwilson, or should I call you mark or wilson… those food are nice to eat, good for the stomach and good for the health too. Even without those cook meat, we can always get the nutrients we needed… :smiley:

According to my experience, If you will take balanced diet everyday… then it will digest easily.

You also have a point there Alexa :smiley: but sometimes I have hard time digesting other food which doesn’t go with the others…

Bitter greens are bitter tasting green vegetables. Most people are probably most familiar with radicchio, arugula and collard greens. When we taste the bitter taste, it causes our digestive juices to increase and our body’s ability to break down food is increased.

Robin Hood

we all konw that food is the most important thing who gave us energy to do work properely.thats not mean that we have to eat unhealthy fresh food and fruits.foods like egg can help us to reduce stomach fat and food oatmel is help us to lose belly eat food like this and be fit.

fresh food is a main source of our energy to do work properely.if do no eat it then we will have no power to do work.there is a very big hand of fresh food thats why we do many work in a like oatleal can lose your stomach fat.and also it can digest eat it but in moderation.we have to eat food acoording to our health requiremant.because health is most important for us.we don’t have a fat body.which contain many do excercise and get a perfect … visit here and get the best advise on how you can lose your stomach fat easily.

Hello dear member of the forum, Thanks for sharing that kind of the post with us… That is very nice and informative one post you have posted here… I also like rice and banana so much… Keep sharing more one’s tips and healthy foods with all of the member’s of the forum… Thanks…

here are some of the foods that are easy to digest. :slight_smile:

plain crackers
white bread, rolls
“instant” hot cereal
white rice, noodles, potatoes
angel food cake
fruit nectar
all juices
soft or baked custard
canned, peeled fruits and vegetables
plain puddings
lean beef, fish, skinless chicken or turkey
plain milkshakes
strained, blenderized broth-based or cream soups
smooth ice cream
refined cereals
carton or frozen yogurt
milk, all types
ice milk
pasteurized eggnog

when we are eat that time we easy to eat and we we slowly eat if we are fast eat then we can not easy to digest.
in afternoon always we take heavy food and in night we can take light food.

Almost you have mentioned fruits and i like to eat fruits and it is my favorite diet and also eat fruit salad with vegetables because it is very easy to digest and also it is good and effective or health.

Yes fruits are one of the most easily digestive food :slight_smile:

I know that usually whenever I eat cereal, that stuff shoots through me withing 30 min to 1 hour.

Foods containing lots of iron can sorta make it hard for you to go.

Fibers usually help digest fast, that’s why sometimes when you eat salad or if you do, you find yourself going to the restroom a little more.