Food Cravings

What do you think is the cause of food cravings? Are they your body trying to tell you that you need nutrition?

Last year I was in a car crash. During the week after the crash, I started to want to eat blood, specifically bloody beef-steak and venison. It was very confusing, because the look and smell of these foods makes me feel sick - I didn’t eat them even before I became vegetarian! Fortunately it did not last long!

I have heard that vegetarian women sometimes crave meat when they are pregnant.

Do you have experience of this?

I really don’t know about it.
Sometimes it seems like the body really needs something, and it tells you what.
There are times when I feel like putting lemon juice in every food I eat, beans, soups, salads and so on. :slight_smile:
And there are times when I just can’t eat something if it is too sour.

On the other hand, my wife when she was pregnant told me that she wants something that will fill her. Mentioning that she would eat even meat. She didn’t and the baby is just fine. :slight_smile:

Becky, was the crash bad?

Lemon Juice? :slight_smile: Well, at least you crave something that’s good for you! And I am very inspired by your wife :smiley:

A lot of my friends at the slimming club are wondering whether to fight or follow their cravings. In particular, many of them put on a LOT of weight when pregnant :frowning: Or they eat really strange things, like pasta with mushy peas :laughing:

That depends on your point of view - I’m alive! And so is everyone else :slight_smile: I was driving a fairly safe car: if I had been driving my old car, it would have been a different story :astonished: I still have a bad back :frowning: Otherwise I’m fine, just a bit shocked. My body went a bit crazy - one minute full of energy, then sleeping for 15 hours… It really teaches you how fragile life is - if you think that any morning you could just die on your way to work. It’s quite liberating! :cheers:

This was just an example, the most expressive that proves for me that these craving do happen. But there are times when I want to eat chocolate and sweets, and I overeat them. :slight_smile:

In which way is it liberating? :astonished:

I mean, you spend your life trying to please other people, and planning to do things for yourself next year… And once you start living like this, people will exploit you: they make you work harder and harder, and you only get the minimum reward for your efforts because they know you can’t afford to quit. They try to make you buy a poorly built house, an over-priced car, a lavish wedding, expensive gadgets and clothes, because it is a way of keeping you poor and therefore controlling you. They will hold you up as an example of how “good” they have been to you, and effectively profit from your predicament. Before you know it, you are getting old and your life is not your own! When you realise that next year might not come, you are set free :slight_smile: You see with clarity what is important in your life, which memories are most precious, and who your friends are!

Of course, you never have the time and money to do everything that you want straight away :unamused: and you mustn’t become too selfish! But I now have a whole 5-year plan! :smiley: of course, life does not always adhere to plans (And my mother is furious with me! :laughing: )… But I feel much happier and full of hope.

And I take the train more than I used to :wink:

What’s with that craving? I often have a battle with him… lol,but no matter what, I have to stick with my diet… Veggies, veggies, veggies…

Oh, that must mean when I crave potato chips, then it’s a good thing, lol. J/ k.

Glad you recovered well from your accident bigbecka.

Hope that when I crave for something, I will always have an alternative like your potato chips snog… :smiley:

Thanks, snog :slight_smile:

Actually, I heard people often crave potato chips when they need salt - it’s a pretty good example ;-p

Or sometimes the craving is indirect: you eat more carbohydrates (especially sugar) when you are tired, because your body is trying to give itself more energy. I find that it is easier to lose weight if I cut down on caffeine and go to bed early :slight_smile:

I always get food cravings!! I’m so greedy! I normally crave chocolate (every kind of chocolate and of sweets with it…

any vegan alternative for that? I think chocolate lovers would love to hear from you :wink:

Candida is not only an organism onto itself but also an environment in which other organisms like to live. It creates little pockets in the intestinal wall where food is trapped and eventually ferments. These Candida contribute to weight gain also food carvings.


make sure that you are at least eating the food outlined in your diet and you are not skipping meals. Most people who follow their diet plan and eat every two to three hours or at least everything in their plan don’t get as many cravings.

Harry Jacky

The word “cravings” is not code for lack of willpower. In many women, cravings are signs of hormonal issues, which are often tied to inadequate nutrition. But cravings can also be related to attempts to lose weight, especially if you have metabolic or physiological imbalances that make it very difficult to drop excess pounds. Some of these imbalances even involve the neurotransmitters in your brain. A third option traces cravings to issues with adrenal function.

Cravings mean that the body has its signals mixed up. When you are tired or sad, you will have low blood sugar and/or low serotonin (a “feel-good” brain neurotransmitter). Hormonal imbalance or weak digestion can lead to low serotonin. Low blood sugar or low serotonin sends a signal to the brain that it needs a pick-me-up. It is this signal — which you don’t consciously control — that causes a craving for sugar or carbohydrates.

Sugar or simple carbohydrates help release a burst of serotonin, so you feel good for a little while. But almost as quickly, you “crash” and return to your low-serotonin state, and the cycle starts all over again. Ironically, the more sugar you eat, the more you crave it because over-consumption of sugar can lead to insulin resistance. It’s a downward spiral that dieting will make even worse.

I had a teacher who told me she was vegetarian. Then she got pregnant and didn’t stay vegetarian very long after that.