Flies, or where to stop?

Flies, or where to stop?

I’m usually asked can I kill flies and mosquito, which attack me? And where should I stop, can I kill parasites on my body?

What do you thing about best answers on these questions?

thats hard y’know, if there were like a spider or bug that i could catch in my house i take it outside, and if bugs are really annoying somewhere i’d use a deterant.

I’ve always believed to respect ALL life, no matter how small. But this is hard to do if you are in any danger or discomfort.

I just wonder can mosquito bite be compared to a vaccine? :wink:

Flies and mosquitoes carry germs and can spread disease. The best way to deal with this problem is Raid or any of the other aerosol sprays on the market that are designed to kill bugs. Didn’t you have parents to teach you these things??


Well… you know whatever is teached now in schools is so superficial that if you belive it blindly you become a dumb moron.
That’s why I doubt everything and judge for myself.
Flies and mosquitos do spread germs but that’s how your immune system is trained. A small portion of germs train it to develop a weapon against these specific germs.
Why do you think alergies and astma is so popoular in developed countries? It’s because they live in a sterile environment and peoples’ imune system just goes crazy and attacks simple dust.