Flax Milk

I’ve been following a plant based diet for a couple of months now. I’ve embarked upon this journey for health rather than ethical reasons, so I am just not foreswearing animal products, but sugar and refined grains as well. The only thing I miss is the dairy. I love starting the day with a bowl of cereal with the kids.

I’ve been carefully weighing my options: coco milk is out due to its high saturated fat, unflavored soy and hemp milks are unpalatable, rice milk is like water, almond milk is good, but my kids often polish it off before I can reach the kitchen in the morning. Then the other day while in Walies (yeah, I know) I spied flax milk. The side of the carton boasted of 50 calories per glass and that I could, “Drink my omeg 3s”. I bought it and tried it on my grape nuts this morning. It’s not as good tasting as almond milk, but it is lower in calories. A little watery as well. But relative to the soy, rice, and hemp – not bad.

What alternative milk (if any) do you drink, and why?

What’s your opinion of flax milk?

I do not drink often any of the milks as I do not feel desire for them but another option for you to try is an oat milk. You might like it.

As well with time on a plant nutrition your taste would change and the milks you describe uneatable now, you will soon find quite tasty.

I’m really into flax because it’s supposed to be good for crazy people and I need all the help I can get! Well, omega-3 is supposed to be good for crazy people and flax has got it.

Oat milk - organic, good for you and yummy!!

I think flax milk or oat milk is a good option considering their fat intake. but not sure if they are enough to cover the protein intake compared to the regular cow milk. Since i became veg, i really got to be extra careful to fulfill my daily calorie intake and especially protein intake as i like to do heavy workouts. I depend upon soya milk also which is a good source of protein.

thanks for your information,here are some benefits of flax milk for you
Gluten Free, Natural, Lactose Free, Non Dairy, Trans Fat Free, Soy Free, Allergen Free, Vegan, Supports Green Farming, Omega-3s…