Fishy problem

OK… I got an unexpected present for my birthday.
An aquarium with golden fishes, which turned out to be not vegetarian.
I accepted the present and now I have to by non vegan food for them.
What should I do?

I keep reading this and I think, “Are you serious?”.

I’m not sure if every animal in the world should be on a vegetarian diet.

I only have cats as pets and I see the things they naturally eat, (birds, lizards, ect.). My cats are designed to be carnivores, I will let them be that.

What do gold fish actually eat?

goldfish eat almost anything in the freshwater fish world. i’ve fed them algae flakes, veg pellets, cichlid pellets, blood worms etc.
they are bottom feeders. i feed my cat duck and pea formulated food, and my snake live mice. (i’m a vegan by diet and i avoid the purchase of new leather items etc.) animals eat what they eat. humans should not stray from the animal’s natural diet. (my opinion).

yup. pets are a tough call. in my view it shouldn’t matter all that much. you’ll probably love your pet animal like any veg head would!

Actually there are vegan food alternatives for pets, even for cats which need some meat only proteins.

While there are vegan alternatives to a lot of the food for our companion animals, they can be hard to find and don’t always fulfill the appetite. What I mean is this…of our two dogs, one will eat just about any food we give her, but the other is pretty picky. We have yet to find a vegetarian/vegan food that he will eat, even when we dress it up with olive oil or some other flavor that he likes. The alternative is to give him meat.

The problem with meat is then it’s hard to find companies that have good practices in the preparation of the meat. There are all kinds of by-products added, and some of the major brands even have horrible practices where they use meat from animals that should never go into production…such as using dog meat to produce dog food. It’s horrible.

On a different note, I am not trying to judge anyone on this thread at all…but I have something for you to consider. Basically, adopting and caring for domesticated animals is a good thing, because these animals (such as dogs) are so domesticated they could never survive on their own in the wild. They have become dependent on us. However, many “pets” are not domesticated, and they are meant to be in their natural environment. I am not suggesting anyone change what they are doing…at least these animals are being cared for, and that is wonderful. However, it is something to consider for the future.

But, back to your question…algae is great…but yeah, I wouldn’t worry too much about what you feed them. Just take good care of them like we already know you will!

My gold fish eats toasted bread… Hope your goldfish wanna try that too… We just put it in his place bit by bit…

I’m not an expert on vegan companion animals, but I think it’s worth looking into.

Vegepet brand seems to come up a lot in this sort of conversation.

Has anyone switched their animals to a vegan diet?

Why are you a vegan? I am a vegan to avoid the unnecessary torture of animals. As the cat’s owner you are responsible for it’s diet, buying cat food supports the same animal torture that human meat consumption does! Why don’t you feed your cat quorn with added vitamins?

I really love aquarium…:slight_smile:

nutrients are what any animal needs to thrive on. Plants are the source of all of them. As for dogs and cats plenty vegan petfoods around of high quality protein etc. i have 2 vegan dogs and 1 vegan cat.