first day vegan

After a lot of research and thinking and considering my opinion on the matter I’ve decided to change my diet to be more “vegan”. Tomorrow im going grocery shopping and would greatly appreciate any recommendations on staple vegan foods, quick breakfest foods, lunch dinner etc, favorites. Anything would help. Thanks! 8)

i guess this was a little selfish considering the vast amount of knowledge on the website easily found if i was not being lazy, but if anyone has any favorites they want to add that would be awesome

Well first day was alright finished the night with a dish from a friend!

Get a cookbook. Go from there.

Look at Mouthwatering Vegan or Oh She glows via FB. Some great recipes. :smiley:

A vegetarian diet is a balanced alternative to eating meat if taken healthily. It may be more difficult to eat optimally when your appetite is poor. Increasing your energy and protein intake will help you maintain your weight and/or regain lost weight when recovering from an infection, aiding you to keep your strength up. This fact sheet aims to help you achieve a nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet, high in energy and protein and to give you some meal plan ideas. Vegetarian Diet Plan