Finding Vegan Products (shoes, clothing, purses...)

Hello! I am new to this site and new to the vegan lifestyle. I have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for a while and am now making the leap to veganism. It was actually easy to give up eggs and milk - the hard part, for me, is the baked goods that contain dairy products, and going out to eat at restaurants that aren’t vegan, because it seems like EVERYTHING has cheese, if not meat, in it.

But anyway, the food part of veganism is relatively easy, it’s everything else that is a bit overwhelming. For clothing, purses, and shoes, is my only safe bet to shop online at vegan product web-sites? Does anyone know of any actual stores in southern California that I can go to and find vegan products? Are my only options canvas and hemp? I would appreciate any advice from some more experienced vegans :wink:

It’s been so soon since I’ve taken the leap, but already I feel so much more fulfilled in my life and like I’m actually participating in making a difference. I hope many more people can come to share in this new inner peace I have found. :smiley:

That was very hard for me too! You really don’t realize how much we use on a daily basis that isn’t Vegan-friendly.

For shoes, google the brand Draven. I just bought 4 new pairs of shoes today! Also Macbeth, Simple, I’ve heard New Balance, too.

Urban Decay is a good vegan friendly makeup brand.

If you just google online vegan stores, you’ll come up with alot of good things!

Good luck to you and welcome to the Vegan Lifestyle! :slight_smile:

Aubrey organics is a fantastic vegan beauty line. All their products are organic!

I also have a hard time of finding vegan product here in our country:(