Fellow vegetarians, your help is needed!

I have been a vegan for two years and when I was given the liberty of choosing my own dissertation topic for my final year of Undergraduate studies, I decided to choose something around the topic, since it has had such an amazing positive effect on my life. My whole family made the transition and since we’ve always enjoyed eating out, naturally we started exploring healthy eating cafes and restaurants.
However, there have been instances where people with us refused to visit such places, having absolutely no interest in experiencing/tasting something new. I found it interesting, since these were usually people who love eating, great taste, the culture and enjoyment of eating, various cuisines and so on. They simply did not associate those great experiences with venues offering vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free dishes.
Given the rising popularity of exactly those places however, I reckon in a managerial point of view, there would be a battle in the future for those “non-believers” in terms of attracting them and shifting their attitude, together with the fight to keep the interest of loyal clients, or people trying to lead a certain lifestyle. My dissertation follows this context and my reasoning for reaching out to all of you is that I am passionate to find out about your personal thoughts/recommendations around the area, based on your own personal experiences, since I believe I must not be the only one having such thoughts!
In the end I hope, with all the gathered data, to come up with a strategy/framework for such venues to attract a wider range of customers. I would greatly appreciate if you spend 10 minutes of your time to take part in my survey! Here is the link:
Thank you for your time!

I’ll be very pleased to be a part of your survey! You know I am also pure vegan and love eating healthy food. Before this survey I participated in another survey on ranker.com. They conducted survey for sexy vegans and I had opinion posted there.