Fejoada (Brazilian Black Bean Stew)


      o 2 tins black beans (or equivalent 800 g / 1 3/4 lb cooked dried beans)
      o 2 vegan 'rashers'
      o 2 large or 4 small (depends on brand) vegan sausages
      o 1 medium onion
      o Stock powder
      o Oil and water
      o Enough rice for two 


  1. Cook rice. Place beans in a pan and add enough boiling water to cover. Add stock to taste and simmer.

  2. Meanwhile finely chop onion, sausages and rashers and fry gently together until the onion is going transparent. Add this mixture to the beans ‘n’ stock.

  3. Serve on a bed of rice and (if you can get it), sprinkle with toasted ‘farinha de mandioca’ (ground casava or gari root).