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Tips to burn fat:

Running is the best exercises because it helps you burn the calories,
Walking, Sprinting and adding hills or an incline can burn 180 calories in 30 minutes,
Bicycling and Swimming of 30 minutes can burn 400 to 500 calories…

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i dear,
for losing the your fat you should try the following tips
Do exercise regularly
Running, swimming and jogging
Drink plenty of water
Control your diet
Take more boiled vegetables
Don’t take more cholesterol and fatty foods
Eat fresh fruits especially citric fruits
Drink fresh fruits juice
Take green tea
and use fish oil.

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Thanks for the tips Smith…that’s will really help a lot.

I have some tips to loss fat in an easy way:-

Daily exercise for 30 to 40 mints.
Go on walk in the morning.
Use fruits and boiled vegetables mostly instead of fat and high level of foods items.
Drink water mostly about 8 to 10 glasses.
Plan a perfect diet schedule.
Stay active all the day.
avoid smoking and other drugs habits.
Other activities like swimming, running, cycling etc.

I also find it very useful as tips are effective and could change a lot in you if you takes it seriously …

I think smith posted the tips which is truly beneficial for fat loss.
Thanks Smith

What should be Eating for weight loss?
First You should makes the plan for healthy foods Eating. The right foods help you drop up to two pounds a week by revving your calorie burn. and also exercise is important for fat loss.

I think “running” is the Best exercises for fat loss, because it helps you burn the calories,
You should try the following tips for fat loss>>
Do exercise regularly (min 30 to 40 mints)
Take green tea
Take more boiled vegetables
Avoid Smoking
Eat fresh fruits,vegetable,
and also Control your diet


Running and walk. You can to know that long walk 3-4 kilometers per day is useful for your weight loss also have and lot of herbs who can to help you.

Exercises have an important role in human life. I think Running, Swimming and Long Jump are the best exercises to prevent high weight.

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Good discussion going in this post.
Here i share some more tips for fat loss…
Tips are:
Eat Smaller Meals Throughout the Day
Develop an Exercise Routine
Eat at Home – Dine Out on Special Occasions
Drink Green Tea

Fat Loss tips…

  1. Drink plenty of water a day , minimum seven or eight glass.
  2. Do cardio exercises daily, specially walking and running.
  3. Eat more green vegetables and fruits and avoid junk foods.
  4. Increase fiber and antioxidant intake.
  5. Take Green Tea.
  6. Eat more high fibre food.

Try these all tips and reduce your fat.

There are many thing which can reduce your weight, few of the healthy tips are as follows:

  1. Drink green tea, it will help you to burn fat.
  2. Do Brisk Walk & Crunches to reduce your belly fat.
  3. Omit oil from your food, as it make increase in fat
  4. Avoid Soft drinks, as it will make you gain your weight.
  5. Use Herbs in your daily life.

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Try to drink green tea 2 or 3 times in hole day, because its help to loss fat fast.

Doing jogging in the early morning is the best idea to reduce fat.

Michaelswan’s post contains some good fatbuster tips to follow.

I’d just like to add that it’s best to drink some of those glasses of water just before each meal.

I learned this from watching the documentary film “FOOFMATTERS”.

For more info on this film, check out: www.FOODMATTERS.tv

Every night right before bed run 10-12 minutes and do 10 sit-ups. You are able to lose up to 10 in . a month. Another best part of weight loss is weight lifting. Adding on some muscle. Obtain a good weight lifting regimen. Strengthening parts of your muscles will actually make them hold the body fat in better making it look like you have lost more weight. Just lift 2 times a week although with at least 2-3 days relaxation in between for muscle development. Also add swimming and cycling in it.