Fast Food

In light of other threads… I grab some fast food sometimes, and I thought I’ld start a topic where we can pool knowledge on where to eat out. Just in case we can’t find a nice vegan restaurant :smiley:

I’ll kick this off 8) I got the following from Subway International:

“Our plain white and wheat breads are suitable for vegans, as are our veggies and the Honey Mustard sauce (please note that this sauce contains real honey). The veggie patty contains egg as a binding agent and is therefore not compatible with a vegan diet.”

This was in response to a query I submitted through

I’m afraid in most smaller cities you’ll have a problem finding a vegan fast food. I solve it by buying bananas :slight_smile:

I think bananas are a great idea :smiley: back when I used to diet, I was told they are a good snack for filling you up, stabilising blood sugar, and they’re nutritious 8)

I usually ask for salad sandwiches, or an unbuttered tea-cake, but I’m getting a little bored of them :frowning:

Now that I have done a little research, I am surprised how little fast food is vegan :astonished:

Burger King have an “allergy and dietary needs” list here:

Essentially, most things that I thought were vegan, such as the hash browns, onion rings and the spicy bean burger, are fried in the same oil as the fish: Eww! :blush:

The Veggie Burger, which is endorsed by the Vegetarian Society, contains milk and egg.

However, the fries and potato wedges do appear to be vegan :smiley:

I have just come back from one of my jolly trips to London: I was a bit worried about what to eat, in light of recent discoveries… But I discovered a VEGETARIAN FAST FOOD CHAIN!!!: Maoz Vegetarian

There are two branches of Maoz Vegetarian in Soho, London. Apparently they are pan-european Dutch chain, with branches in many countries (though I’ve never heard of them before :unamused: ) - there’s a location guide on the website. They serve falafel, fried aubergine, hummous, chunky chips (that’s fries, for the Americans :wink: ) and as much salad and sauce as you can pile on top of your pitta bread… :smiley:

So, erm, any town planners or council representatives on this site? Plan for these! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also Hummus Bros in Soho (who get advertised on the banners on here sometimes). They’re not a franchise chain, but they should be! They do some really interesting hummus orientated dishes (and lush mint lemonade :slight_smile: )

There are Bagel Factory outlets at most of the stations: these give you a “create your own bagel” option, so it’s easy to get a vegan bagel. They can be routinely persuaded to make a Portobello Melt without the cheese :smiley:

I started a website with a listing of vegan menu items because I never knew what I could order anywhere when I was out with a friend.

Most places offer a salad or fruit bowl at least but I was surprised by how much you could order at some places!