Fast Food Nation

Has anyone seen the movie “Fast Food Nation”? Or read the book? What did you think?

I watched it yesterday…a bit much for my age [[rated R]] but, as disturbing as it was, I enjoyed it.

Hmm, didn’t realise there was a film. I’ve seen the book: amazon keep recommending it to me! Is it along the same lines as “Supersize Me?” I thought that film was great - a lot of people thought I was neurotic about food until that came out :smiley: And even I was pretty shocked at some of the content…

I’ve also just seen a review for a book called “Twinkie - Deconstructed.” Apparently, it’s pretty gross :stuck_out_tongue:

The title of the book catches my attention! “Twinkie - Deconstructed” definitely sounds like something I’d be interested in.

“fast food nation” is a bit like “supersize me” [[great movie, I agree]] but it’s not a documentary, it has some strong sex scenes, and reveals a lot more about the slaughterhouse and meat-packing companies.

I haven’t read or watched either, but I think I would rather read the book as I hear the movie is sort of just loosely based on the book. If the movie was a documentary though!

Also very interesting [though I haven’t seen the whole thing, only clips…]

The same guy who does Supersize me! has a TV series called 30 Days, where people live in an opposite way they are used to for 30 days, and one of them is ‘Animal Rights’ and a hunter I believe from the southern US somewhere becomes a vegan activist for 30 days. Seemed very interesting but I can’t seem to find the whole thing online.

I have background knowledge of the book but haven’t read the entire book. I haven’t seen the video also. I guess the best thing about it is that it teaches or reminds us of the global impact of fast food industry.

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Read upton sinclair’s ‘the jungle’ :a good look at the meat packing industry.

I’d seen super size me. It was so gross when the guy vomited! But quite a facinating look at eating soley a fast food diet. However, were people to eat Chinese fare, well, the vegetable and tofu dishes, their health would be great. Chinese is the original fast food! ’ course most Americans order the meat heavy dishes. But the Chinese, I understand, view meat and fish as condiments, and eat far more vegetables and rice.

Do you have link to that fast food nation so, I can read it through online? Thank you.