Family friendly - Why Go Vegan

Should the Vegan movement have more positive material?

  • Yes, definitely
  • Not really
  • Need to have both

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Just wanted to share this family friendly video on 10 reason to become vegan.

Usually all the videos on this topic have a darker vibe around them, and I completely understand why, there are a lot of terrible things happening and that needs to be addressed. But it shouldn’t only be that.

There are benefits to becoming vegan and more positively charged material need to be shared.

Here’s a quick and fun animation video on some of the reasons to become vegan, that is especially great for the kids.

YouTube - 10 Reasons to Go Vegan

Definitely agree!! Thank’s for the video sharing)

To be sincere this video has the same old reasons to be vegan but without graphical imagery.
It’s not a lot more positive.