Factory Farming Monkeys - You can help. Takes 30 seconds.

"Please forward this email as widely as you can: Suffering monkeys need your help!

Sky, ITN and the BBC were all lined up to do news items on this week’s launch of The BUAV’s undercover investigation of industrial scale factory farming of monkeys to feed the western research industry – but the Home Office leant on them and they pulled coverage at the last minute.

Help us to beat the establishment and get the truth out there. The home office are embarrassed about approving this trade and don’t want the British animal-loving public to see this. Please watch, spread far and wide and take action!

Watch here

Visit the website here

Take ACTION here (it only takes 30 seconds :wink:)


Katy Taylor, BSc PhD

Scientific Co-ordinator

British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)

16a Crane Grove


N7 8NN

Tel: 020 7619 6979

Fax: 020 7700 0252

Email: katy.taylor@buav.org

New European legislation could lead to millions of new animal tests, including for cosmetics.

Ask the UK Government to take action in Europe buav.org/campaigns/chemicals/postcard.php

Please visit www.buav.org or call 020 7700 4888 for further information about the work of the BUAV or to support our campaigns.

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