Evil Isn't Far

In the illegal slaughterhouse
The crippled goat waits to die
I see her struggle in the halflight
I hear her heartwrending cry
I see the bloody slaughter slab
The cleaver on the floor
I see the hanging headless carcasses
And the rusty hacksaw
I see shapes in the shadows
Can’t make out what they are
Jesus! I see clearly now
In horror, I stare
At row upon row of goats heads
Staring up at me
Eyes glazed, tongues protrude
I wish I could NOT see
This abomination makes me bawk
In that instant I understand
Cruelty and suffering will always go on
Whilst we are killing on demand
Whether slaughter is illegal
Or in a licensed abattoir
When we cause needless suffering
Evil isn’t far

It is really good poem.

thought it was good well done bazz