Ethical Vegan, perhaps

Hi folk

First of all please forgive me if I offend you.

I eat a veggie/vegan diet but like the taste of meat and my partner is a meat eater and she only buys organic meat - such that we can trace it back ie she only gets her eggs from two friends that have a few chickens and they are happy birds and if they lay eggs they lay and if not, o well. No prob attitude.

I also agree that animals IF NEEDED and are suitable should be used to test medication on and or their organs should be used to keep a human alive as I don’t think an animal is better than a human or should carry the same respect.

I can’t see the point of eating honey, or drinking milk. So should I call myself a vegetarian?

My standing is if you are willing to kill it, cook it and eat it, then good luck on ya.

Please give me feed back as unbiased if you could.



You’ve made a lifestyle choice. You shouldn’t seek the affirmation of others as it is a purely personal descision.

Call yourself whatever you want.

As for your “kill it, cook it and eat it, then good luck on ya” policy. I work my arse off every day to get shiney pieces of metal called money so that someone else does that for me. So do most other people, welcome to the modern world.

Are you saying that you do eat meat or that just your partner does? Cause if you do then you should not call yourself a vegetarian because it’s confusing to other people. I think there are enough confusing terms and distinctions already, so when people mislabel themselves it just makes us look like even more of a confused bunch to the rest of the world!

I’m a vegan but I used to call myself a vegetarian because I find that when you say vegan, people are more likely to try to pick a fight with you or generally give you a hard time, and I was sick of the hassle and being attacked for no reason. But I stopped doing it because it just made me seem stupid when it came out at meal time that I was actually a vegan. Anyways, if you do eat meat but only occasionally then just call yourself an omni, or maybe say high-veg or ‘flexitarian’. If the only animal product you’re eating is eggs then yes you are a vegetarian.