[size=150][glow=black]The story of a parasitic fungus[/glow][/size]

[size=150][glow=black]The end[/glow][/size]

Bloody Hell! How can you even remotely regard this article as having anything to do with discussing a movie? – :scratch:

It’s a documentary, you see… and I was just bringing it up to date (from 1958). It’s like they said, “there are two sides to the Ergot story: on the one hand there is its value in therapeutics, on the other its poisonous nature” (even in therapeutics, apparently—they left that part out).


It’s kind of obscure. I got some rye flour and looked up nutritional info on it, then it was like, wow… now I’m trying to find out what the risk of “ergotism” is from eating it. I guess it used to be risky! By the way, there was another short film based on its hallucinogenic nature (relative to[highlight=yellow][glow=green]LSD[/glow] :color:[/highlight]).