Environmental Activities?

Partly in response to another thread on here, and partly in response to a few magazine articles I read recently, I got to wondering what activities we can get involved in to promote animal rights and other environmental and social issues? Obviously we acheive a fair amount by being vegan, and a few people on here seem to be quite directly involved in promotional and protest activities.

What other things are there?

I’ve collected a few ideas: eat organic, save energy, run the car a bit less (or not at all!), have an ethical bank account or a credit card that gives rewards to a charity, join Greenpeace / World Wildlife Fund / similar, petition your government or write to your local MP on specific issues you feel strongly about, promote AR through a talent (art, writing, music) or a professional institution?

My writer’s magazine (Mslexia) had an article on Public Advocacy this quarter - writing for organisations that promote social change (kind of what we’re doing here). They recommend some free websites with advice / training, that I thought a few people might find interesting:
aidsmap.com (a HIV and AIDS pressure group, but with a free advocacy toolkit)

These activities, eat organic, save energy, run the car a bit less, are excellent…
if we only could educate more people on why it is important

Here are some grand ideas:
Try to penetrate the politics arena and make environment friendly changes in society.

As Becky wrote above, promote AR through your talent.

Science + marketing… some inventions could really help save the environment…

Agriculture - research and promote environment friendly practices.

So almost everyone can do something… only desire and passion is needed.

Hope I can be a tool in spreading this good deed… Wish I can help on educating people about this…

I agree…

Bloody Hell! Here’s another good idea. – :idea1:

Check out: carrotmob.org/about

There are some good ideas being propounded on this thread, I think. – :thumbleft:

As I’ve said before, Vegan lifestyle is quite expensive and hard to follow. There are many countries where people don’t even know the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan.

We have to come up with some ways to promote certain products that are not expensive. That’ll be a good start.