Edith, rescued sheep, new inhabitant of Leon Vegano

Hi vegan friends, we are from Leon Vegano Farm Sanctuary, in Leon, Spain, and we are happy to talk with you! :bounce: :slight_smile:

Now you can know Edith’s story, a sheep rescued now recovering in sanctuary:

This morning ( 10-03-2013) an activist from Leon Vegano woked up by a phone call that informed about a sheep that had fallen off a truck on her way to a cattle market. We got with it soon, hoping to be on time to rescue her before she was captured to be sold on the market as a slave.

We were warned that other people had already tried to catch her and that she had run away, so nobody knew where she was hiding. So, we were aware of how difficult it would be to find and tie such an scared animal on the midde of the countryside.

When the first of us arrived there at 11.50 we were told that the last time the sheep had been seen was at 11am. Then we started to look for her and after a while, a 13 years old girl, Edith, found the sheep, so we could rescue her.

As you can see everything came out well and she is already save. She is no longer a number, her name is Edith and she will be respected for what she is, a unique and precious individual.

The consequences of the life she has endured are obvious, and it is shocking to see how far human cruelty goes. Several ear tags were uprooted from her ears, tearing up them. She is full of ticks and she is really skinny. Her little body is nothing but skin, bones and filthy wool, yet she is full of life and she will be able to live the life she deserves once she gets over it. She may not be aware that today she have had a narrow scape from the slaughter, but soon she will realize that today is the beginning of a whole new life for her.

As you may know we barely have any means, so from today helps gets vital. We have now a lot of work as we want to formalise our Sactuary project. We need your help as we don’t have any income or members yet. We have to fence in the field so she can have a place to graze near the rest of the animals. We have estimated that this will cost at least 200 euros. We have also made a list of materials that we urgently need:

  • Underpads
  • Plastic sheet
  • Harness to her head
  • Donations to buy:
  • Food: alfalfa, hay, forage, fodder, fruits and vegetables
  • Straw
  • Polyurethane to finish her shed
  • Cleaning products: detergent, mop
  • Donations for her veterinary costs

Bank transfers and / or deposits, our account number (OpenBank):
0073 0100 52 0474293361

IBAN in electronic format: ES5100730100520474293361
Paper: IBAN: IBAN ES51 0073 0100 5204 7429 3361

With paypal you can contact with us because that on this board e-mail’s or urls is not permitted!


Now she is safe, and we can all give her the life she deserves. ¿Would you like to be part of it? Any amount of help is precious, so give what you can afford. Thank you!

And now we would like to introduce you to Edith.