Easy yellow split pea & lemon soup' Recipe

Ingredients 2 cups yellow spit peas
6 / 8 cups water
teaspoon salt
2 / 3 tablespoons extra vitgin olive oil
fresh squeezed juice from 2 / 3 lemons
1 grated onion

Use as soup or a main meal
Instructions Pick out any discoloured yellow split peas & discard
Wash then soak peas 15 mins in tepid water
Drain then add to a large saucepan & cover with the water & grated onion
Add teaspoon of salt & bring to boil 5 mins then simmer for 15 or 20 until cooked
Just before serving add 2 or 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil & the freshly squeezed lemon juice & stir through thoroughly
Serve this dish on a bed of rice
Add some fresh diced tomatoes & diced onion on top of the dish for some colour
Add more lemon juice if you like
I wasn’t sure wether to put this dish in soups or mains, it’s a bit of both.