Easy Vegan Recipes

There are many websites with vegan recipes. But many of them require hours of preparation and exotic vegan ingredients.
Here you can post really easy vegan recipes that can be prepared every day.

Have you tried making your own Cup Noodle or Pasta Mug Shot?

These are popular light lunches or snacks, that can be prepared at work. Unfortunately, the ones you buy from the shops often contain dairy products and/or animal stock :frowning:

Of course, the noodles and pasta are exactly the same as those that you make in a saucepan at home :wink:

To make your own Pasta Mug Shot:
Half fill a mug with some dry wheat pasta (use small pieces, like macaroni). Add some things to flavour it, like some vegan tomato soup mix. Add boiling water to the mug (up to 15mm below the rim) and stir well. Leave it for 5 minutes. If the pasta is thicker, you may need to leave it longer. When the pasta is soft, it is ready to eat.

To make your own cup noodle:
Simply buy a tupperware container or portable soup bowl that is about the same size as a noodle cup. Also buy a cheap block of dried wheat noodles. Put the noodle block in the bowl and add some tofu, finely chopped vegetables, and maybe some seaweed or flavourings. Add boiling water and leave for a couple of minutes, until the noodles are soft.

You can probably make couscous in the same way, although I haven’t tried it!

To make a quick and easy pasta sauce, use a carton of Passata (seived tomatoes) - you can now buy it cheaply in most supermarkets. Gently fry some chopped garlic, herbs, and maybe some other vegetables (e.g. onions, mushrooms) in a pan. Add the passata, and let it warm for a few minutes. Pour over cooked pasta.

Peas and Rice (or variants on it) is popular in the Caribbean and Latin America. It doesn’t actually contain any peas! The ‘peas’ are red kidney beans. Kidney beans should be soaked overnight and boiled for a long time, so I recommend using tinned kidney beans.

Put rice and tinned kidney beans (rinsed and drained) in a pan, and boil until the rice is cooked (normally 10 minutes for white rice, 20 minutes for brown rice). Drain, and serve with salad, cubed tofu or cooked veggie-sausages. Add lime juice, chilli or barbeque sauce to taste :slight_smile:

When all else fails, remember to eat like a student! Baked beans are a great source of protein and fibre. Try to buy varieties that are low in salt and sugar :wink:

Pour hot baked beans over a Baked potato, toast, or oven chips. Add fresh pepper, vegan Woucestershire sauce or Bragg’s Liquid Aminos for extra flavour :slight_smile:

It sounds really weird, but this is actually really good. Make a peanut butter sandwich and before you put the bread together, stick popcorn in the peanut butter. =]