Easy Vegan Christmas Recipes

Anyone knows any easy to prepare vegan recipes for Christmas? I would really like to impress my boyfriend this Christmas.

I hope I’ve not left it too late, Iris!

I usually have a traditional roast dinner for Christmas, with a nut roast instead of the meat. You can easily get gravy powder and stuffing mix that are vegan. And I roast the potatoes in olive oil instead of animal fat.

Tomorrow I will be making mushroom parcels instead of nut roast. You make or buy some pastry (ideally filo pastry sheets) - check that the pastry is vegan and is not made with butter. In the centre of each pastry sheet place a large flat mushroom cap. Then put a tablespoon of sage and onion stuffing on top. Then put a small amount of cranberry sauce on top of that. Bring together the edges of the pastry to form a parcel containing the mushroom and other ingredients. Bake the parcels in the oven at around 200degC for 20 mins.

My father makes his own sausage rolls, by rolling veggie-sausages in home-made pastry.